You don’t need to be a digital strategist, but if you work with some of them, you sure understand how they work, how they think.

And if you do work with them, you know they consider influencers as critical figures in marketing.

We sure do here at FUCK BLAND – MAKE A STAND!

So …

What makes influencer marketing work?

Why are influencers so important?

It is because of the effect they have on people. It is about the feelings they have regarding these people. Some of them are loved, some of them are hated, but we are pretty sure that everyone has their favourite influencers, including you.

What are the most important factors that make influencers so popular?

We found three of them … Let’s have a read …


Everybody has wishes and ambitions.

People always strive to improve themselves and their social position, and that is where marketing plays a vital role for brands. But, what is changed is the way marketing makes these ambitions come true … during the last century, in fact, it was easy to flare emotions up like envy and desire of material possession of this and that item, identifying this kind of desire as the engine moving people on the social pyramid.

Nowadays things changes, because the internet made us closer not only inside our communities, but also with the rest of the world, changing our ambition: it is not about what we want anymore, but it is about who we want to be.

The Internet is full of “models” to which people aim for in order to reach some kind of spiritual elevation, lifestyle or any kind of success.

It is no coincidence that digital nomadism is spreading all around the world in terms of interest: who would refuse a life made of a job that can be done everywhere, even the most beautiful places in the world?

Now people are looking for goods that make them like their models.

If you understand what your target’s ambition is, you understand who the best influencer for you is.



If you know your target’s ambition, your product and your marketing must reflect it, which means consumers should feel the power of improving themselves thanks to your products/services.

And here we find another difference with last century’s marketing, founded on the feeling of being inadequate: if your colleague bought a Porsche and makes you feel inferior, why don’t you buy a Ferrari and take the leading spot in this imaginary championship?

Social networks have a role in this … an increased freedom of speech had the effect of lowering trust in the so-called establishment in favour of other individuals, and this trend is also present in marketing.

Basically … we want this power given to us by people, rather than faceless brands: people want to be inspired and inspire others, that is why influencer marketing works so bloody well.

A good influencer should have this characteristic: being human.


Sense of community

Another difference with old techniques is the fact that while the individual used to be led to feel unique, nowadays they are led to feel a member of a community, a tribe, a group, a clique.

People are looking for people like them.

A good influencer is the one who, even though it came spontaneously, formed a community that surrounds them and listen to their message, while this community feels like part of a club of people who have in common one thing: their passion for the influencer.

Does it recall you a man and his brand like… Steve Jobs and Apple?

What is influencer marketing to you?

Would you like to help us with a comment?

What makes an influencer marketing strategy work?

Let’s discuss about it!

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